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Where We Come From: The Duda Family Story

Where we come from is often considered to be as important as where we are going, and the history behind Viera Builders shows a commitment to family, community, and legacy. As a member of the Duda family of businesses, we are proud to share with you insight as to who the Duda family is and how their story of perseverance and hope paves the way for the unprecedented growth and expansion happening today in the Viera, Florida real estate market.

The Duda family tree first planted its American roots in 1909 when Andrew Duda emigrated from Slovakia. Initially settling in the Slovak colony of Slavia (near Oviedo), Mr. Duda was seeking new opportunities, promise for the future, and the chance to build a legacy for his family.

It all started with celery. In 1926, Andrew Duda and his three sons yielded their first cash crop of celery and founded their company – A. Duda & Sons. This propelled their business ventures forward and paved the way for land purchase, crop expansion, cattle ranching, and citrus fruit cultivation. In 1953, the company was incorporated and the Duda family was an established part of the Central and Eastern Florida landscape.

Fast-forward through the decades, and A. Duda & Sons has grown into a multi-faceted land company with extensive agriculture and real estate operations. Viera Builders, Inc. spearheads the residential development of the master-planned community of Viera by developing land and designing homes that fit today’s modern lifestyle while upholding family values. Mr. Andrew Duda’s vision of opportunity and a lasting family legacy has found expression by building dreams for thousands of families that call Viera home – one house at a time.


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