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7 Benefits of Power Washing Your Driveway

Once you move into your new Viera home, you’ll want to preserve its beauty against the assaults of the environment. After all, the clean, fresh face of the community drew you here in the first place, right? As you lay out your home maintenance budget, don’t forget your driveway. Regular power washing is a must if you wish to receive all the following benefits:

1. Inhibited Weed Growth

The gentle — and sometimes powerful — ocean breezes constantly deposit dirt and dust in the expansion joints and tiny cracks in your driveway. A thin skim of dirt is all it takes for weeds to find a home. If permitted to grow, their roots can widen cracks until a repair becomes inevitable. Plus, they detract from your landscaping scheme. An annual power wash will remove the weeds and the dirt they grow in.

2. Freedom from Oil Stains

You never know when one of your vehicles will spring an oil leak. Additionally, service trucks that park in your driveway often drip. Sooner or later, everyone gets stains from engine fluids in their driveway. You can try to treat them with kitty litter and a detergent scrub, but usually home remedies still leave a residue. With a professional pressure wash, the water jet can get into every pore and break up oil and grime, leaving your concrete sparkly clean.

3. No Mold, Mildew or Moss

Any shaded area of your driveway may eventually host mold, mildew or moss (MMM). These green or black growths make unsightly patterns on concrete and, like motor oil, come up best with a power wash. Also, like weeds, MMM can eventually deteriorate the paver or concrete surface. Avoid these issues with scheduled power washes.

4. Bright Concrete or Decorative Pavers

Once the dirt, dust and growths are gone, your driveway will shine like new. The longer it’s been since the last power wash, the more noticeable the difference. Since a dull driveway pairs poorly with the pretty front of your home, be sure to brighten it up when it begins to take on too much dirt again.

5. Preparation for a Good Sealant

Living on the Central Florida coast offers more delights than ever before. With pleasant temperatures in the winter, it’s no wonder so many snow birds have decided to move here for good. Plus, living within arms reach of dozens of attractions and beaches makes it well worthwhile to call Florida your permanent home. However, the salt in the air brings challenges to just about everything, including your driveway. Salt corrodes metal and concrete. At some point, it can cause flaking or spalling on the surface of your driveway. Thankfully, you can protect it by coating it with a long-lasting sealer. These products soak into the pores and block out salt water. But, before the sealant goes down, the driveway must be completely clean and free of dirt, salt and debris. Pressure washing offers the most effective preparatory cleaning available.

6. Salvation from Scrubbing

As mentioned above, you can hand scrub your concrete on a regular basis, rather than power wash, to keep the flora, dirt, oils and salt away. With concrete cleaners, a stiff brush, a powerful lot of elbow grease and your hose, you can maintain a decent-looking driveway. If you have plenty of spare time and a need for a good workout, this may be the best way to go for a tight budget. However, hand scrubbing may still leave behind dirty marks. If you don’t want to look at the results and think, “rinse and repeat” after a good scrubbing, call in a professional. You can justify the expense when you have neither the time nor the energy to apply to a dirty driveway.

7. Enhanced Property Values

Finally, a bright, clean driveway tells the world that you take pride in your Viera neighborhood. Grubby driveways leave the exact opposite impression. When you treat your own property with respect, you enhance the property values within the whole community.

You did your homework prior to buying a Viera home. You know the value of your decision. Help the Viera community remain the number one destination of Brevard County home buyers by power washing your driveway every year.


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