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Warranty: Garage Doors

Stylish garage doors complete the look of an elegant Viera Builders home and provide a safe and secure point of entry for your vehicles. Garage doors come in many styles and colors, and with the new technology available, they also give reliable protection for you and your family.

The stylish garage doors offered by Viera Builders not only enhances your home’s curb appeal, but they also help weatherproof the garage area. We made sure your garage doors are of excellent quality and installed correctly. These doors should give you decades of smooth service.

Programming Your New Remotes

Garage door remotes make your life so much more convenient by opening and closing the door for you, especially during a Florida rain! When your new garage door is put in place by the builder, one or two remotes are usually installed for you. However, if you would like to install extra remotes, you can follow the directions below.

Programming your new remote is not difficult. Just locate the LEARN Button on the door opener and press down on it until the indicator light flashes or glows steadily. While the light is flashing, press the remote’s button once. That should program and activate the remote so it can open and shut the garage door. Test the remote to make sure it is working properly.

In case one of your garage door remotes is lost or damaged, you can purchase a new universal remote or order a duplicate one from the manufacturer.

Using the Manual Override

There are two type of manual overrides.

  1.       If you door goes part of the way down than stops and returns, or opens partly and returns down, your door may need adjusting. In order to get the door all of the way up or down to get your car in or out, you will need to hold down the wall controller button until it completely opens  or closes. Make adjustments as soon as possible. Refer to your owner’s manual for more information.
  2.       If the power goes out, you can still open your garage door using the manual override option. To open your garage door, pull the red cord with a plastic handle on the end that hangs down from the electric door opener. When you pull down on the handle,  it will lock down a spring-loaded lever. This lever releases the door from the electrical door opener so it can manually lifted upward. You may need an assistant to help you open the garage door by lifting it. Depending on the door’s construction, it may be quite heavy. Once you have lifted the door be cautious and don’t let it fall back down. If the door falls hard, it could break the glass or otherwise damage the door. You or someone else could also be hurt. After you have driven your vehicle in or out of the garage, carefully let the door down and pull on the handle of the red cord to re-engage the door with the electrical opener.

Implementing New Technology

You can upgrade your garage door with some great new products to enhance the safety of your home. With some electronic devices, you can close or open your garage door remotely or check and make sure the door is securely shut using a smartphone and an app.

Another valuable upgrade is a garage door timer that makes sure your door is always shut after you leave your house. This device also makes sure the door is closed after you return home. Keeping the door shut at all times makes your home more secure.

You can increase the security of your home by installing an extra lock on the inside of your garage door. This provides extra protection when you are away on vacation or overnight when you are asleep. One type of lock has a metal bar that prevents the door’s wheels from moving along the track, which keeps the door from being opened from the outside.

Caring for Your Garage Doors

Garage doors are in service constantly in a busy household. Checking the performance of your home’s door on a regular basis helps to spot any problems early, making repairs relatively simple and inexpensive. You can check the performance of your garage door periodically or hire a professional service technician to perform maintenance checks for you.

Taking proper care of your garage door can keep it working smoothly for many years to come. If your garage door becomes dirty or dusty, you can wash it down with a soft bristle brush and a mild all-purpose cleaner to keep it looking good. If your door has glass panels, use a non-streak cleaner. Check the garage door and the track periodically for cobwebs and brush them away with a broom.

Welcome to the neighborhood! We at Viera Builders hope you enjoy your new Florida home and your garage doors!


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