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Be Prepared for the Cold Front this November

A cold front is on the way! A lot of homeowners might be turning on their heat, possibly for the first time since last winter. This sometime produces a burning smell and/or sometimes even smoke. This is completely normal and clears up rather quickly. It is due to dust settling on the heat strips and burning off and is nothing to worry about!

The heat pumps that are installed in Viera Builders homes operate on the principle that outdoor air, even in winter, contains heat or thermal energy. As the Warranty Book states, during winter, the heat pump draws in outside air, extracts the heat, and then circulates it throughout the home. In the summer, the process is reversed, whereby the heat pump removes heat from indoor air, discharges it outdoors, and then circulates cooled air throughout the home.

Heat pumps are installed in Viera Builders homes because it has been proven that in the Florida climate, gas heat is just not necessary because cooling devices are more prevalent and run much more frequently than heating devices. Heat pumps are also a more eco-friendly option than gas heat because the source energy does not cause damage the way natural gas does with fracking.

The supplemental heat comes on three ways. You can turn it on manually, if the temperatures is raised more than 3 degrees of the inside temperature it will come on automatically to bring it up to temp quicker and more efficiently. So on the first cold night of the season, be aware that it is very possible the supplemental heat may kick on and the burning smell is just the heating elements warming up for the first time in the season.

The heat pumps do require a small amount of maintenance that homeowners should be aware of. As the guidelines in the Warranty Book state, the exterior compressor and surrounding area should be kept clear to allow unimpaired air flow.

Heat pumps are not new technology, but they have evolved since the early models in the 1970’s and 80’s. What separates them from the original heat pumps is the variety that they now offer in terms of size, efficiency, and capacity. Viera Builders installs a Carrier or Trane Heat Pump System in newly built homes, which Carrier claims is made for everything from the dog days of summer to three-dog nights. For the frequent heat and cool winter evenings that central Florida experiences, the heat pump is the best solution to keeping residents comfortable.


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