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Charleston Home


We moved here 8 years ago and couldn’t be happier with our Viera Home. We bought the Charleston and Harald and I think this is the best little home that Viera built. We just can’t get over how amazing this house is. We both have good size closets, 2 linen closets, a hall closet, the master bathroom is laid out nicely, and for a small house, we have a three car garage and a large patio. We love our home and Viera Builders.

Sharon Jacobsen

Hurricane Matthew

We just weathered hurricane Matthew and we were so impressed with the quality and structure of our Viera home. We moved here 7 years ago and our home had never experienced a storm. We had never taken our shudders out and everything was great. Our house is so sound, I hardly knew we were having a hurricane. Another thing we were impressed with was Chris Wright. Chris came into our Eason Landing neighborhood and helped people, checked on them and went way beyond the call of duty. Great company and I'd buy another Viera Home.

Sharon Jacobsen

Viera Builders Staff IS OUTSTANDING

Today, I saw Chris from Viera Builders in Eason Landing delivering hurricane shutters to homeowners who were unfortunate enough to receive the wrong size panels, over four years after these people closed on their homes. Thank you Chris. You guys back your product like no other company. You always manage to make things right.

James Paddock

Florida Living at it's BEST!

Bob and I began our journey with Viera Builders about 18 mos ago. Our Sales Person, Ryan Panek, was so helpful as we embarked on our first new home in over 36 yrs. Needless to say, it has been a positive experience moving into our new home April 14, 2015 at Arrivas Villages in Viera, FL. We have now been here over 6 months and love how close we are to shopping, restaurants, etc. We really love living here and all the Viera Builders Team have made this a very positive experience!

Ann and Robert Ford

Fantastic Staff

With such a great team it is difficult to single out people but I wanted to pass along how much we have appreciated Carl's (Warranty) continued support. It is the customer service that differentiates the Viera Company from others in the industry. Highly recommend Viera Builders! Thanks again, Rob and Deb Morris

Rob Morris

Not Just a House, but a Home

I just wanted to take the time and write that my wife and I really appreciated everything Ryan Panek did during our entire experience with Viera Builders. When my wife and I finally decided on a home in Arrivas Village, Ryan helped us enter contract so we would not lose the house we really wanted. He let us know of all the benefits and changes that would happen as the community kept growing. Ryan was also very knowledgeable about the other amenities in the area and some of the businesses and restaurants that were coming across the street. Even after closing, Ryan continues to help us with the little things. He is very quick to answer any questions we have and put us in touch with the right people. Ultimately, the one thing that set Ryan apart from everybody else is that he came across as being very genuine. He wasn’t just trying to sell us a house; he was trying to help us find a home in Florida. My wife and I both knew we could trust Ryan to not lead us astray and provide us with the best options possible. For that we are eternally grateful! All the people we have interacted with at Viera Builders have been great, but Ryan is singlehandedly the biggest reason we moved forward with Viera Builders.

Heri & Melanie Gonzalez

Truly a neighborhood


We just closed on our house and we are thrilled to be part of the Strom Park community. It truly is a neighborhood. We have met so many great families. Overall, we have had a wonderful experience with Viera builders. Any minor issues we have had were addressed and fixed. Our house is beautiful and exactly what we dreamed of when we decided to move here. We have found everyone professional and attentive to us. We will highly recommend Viera builders to friends and family.

Kerry & Peter Pappas, Owners of Viera Comics

Excellent Service

Each member of Viera Builders was excellent. Debbie was extremely easy to work with and very informative. Alicia did an amazing job assisting us with our color appointment. Trent was extremely responsive and his attention to detail in the build of the house was outstanding.

James & Shannon Dykes

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