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The Viera Company

Established as the land development arm of A. Duda and Sons, The Viera Company has created a town where you will find thriving businesses, medical and governmental offices and residents all interconnected within the community. Nestled among these are neighborhoods, schools and recreation areas that all complete the vision that is Viera.

The Viera Story


Viera-Story-Intergrity-01With an unwavering dedication to integrity, A. Duda & Sons, Inc. built its agricultural reputation over 80 years based on quality and innovation. The Viera Company, created by Duda in 1990, bears witness to that same commitment as it guides the evolution of Viera into one of Florida’s finest master-planned communities. Today, Viera Builders, Inc. is poised to continue the legacy.

Viera-Story-Intergrity-02Duda’s family tree has grown again with the founding of Viera Builders, Inc. Building on a solid foundation of integrity and commitment, we promise to honor the values of our parent company by standing behind what we build.

Viera-Story-Intergrity-03We know there are many choices in the new home market. Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you may ever make.

Enjoy peace of mind with a builder backed by a company who has been around the neighborhood for a while.

Duda has turned dreams into reality for eight decades. Now put yours within grasp. Experience the same care given into planning the New Town of Viera as we plan your new home. Come live your dream with Viera Builders, Inc.



Viera-Story-Qulaity-03Our heritage stretches back 80 years to a bygone era when a handshake could close a deal, and your word was your bond. Viera Builders, Inc. believes that old-fashioned values can exist in today’s fast-paced world. We follow the same business philosophy that has guided our parent company, A. Duda & Sons, Inc., from its founding—an unwavering commitment to honesty and fair dealing in all that we do. This philosophy assures homes of enduring value that will stand the test of time.Viera-Story-Qulaity-01

Our 21st century construction team takes pride in a job well done and is committed to raising the bar for customer expectations of quality, craftsmanship and service. Combining new construction techniques with time-honored practices and using quality materials and trusted brands, we will work with you to build your home as if it were ours.Viera-Story-Qulaity-02

Enjoy quality service from the good old days while enjoying modern conveniences, too. The next time you hear someone say “things aren’t built like they used to be,” you can respond, “You’re right…they’re better.”



Viera-Story-Innovation-02In 1926, Andrew Duda and his three sons sowed their first cash crop in Central Florida. Understanding the value of quality partnerships, A. Duda & Sons, Inc. pioneered relationships with the scientific community and the food-service industry to develop new products and supply channels which are its legacy today. Taking a page from history, Viera Builders, Inc. will collaborate with award-winning architects and residential designers to create homes offering enduring value and timeless appeal.

Viera-Story-Innovation-03It’s only natural to want to wake up in a beautiful space every day. Viera Builders, Inc. couldn’t agree more, and is committed to creating homes with the options and amenities you want.

Viera-Story-Innovation-01We believe value can be created through innovation and we strive to go above and beyond your expectations. Select from our initial line of floor plans, designed by The Evans Group, which combine today’s technology with distinctive architecture and offer “flex options” allowing each to be tailored to your lifestyle.

With innovative architecture and exciting features designed to perform well in coastal Florida’s demanding environment, you’ll definitely want to start building memories in a new home by Viera Builders, Inc.