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Boudoir. It’s Not Just for Ladies Anymore.
By The Viera Builders Content Team

Webster's describes a boudoir as a ladies sitting room, or private space. But let's face it, the origin of this word is centuries old.

You see them in magazines and model homes, but how do they get those sleeping spaces to feel so perfect, so kid-free?  Most people don’t live in master spaces that look like those featured in glossy magazines or model homes. But, you can take steps to emulate that look. Imagine checking into a luxurious hotel.

Getting there is easier than you think. It's all a matter of putting the right pieces together. Oversized bedside tables are a must with a minimum of 30" lamps. Keep your lamp shades in a cream or linen. Upholstered beds are all the rage right now. The taller the headboard, the better. Wrap that bed in bamboo sheets and you will never regret the splurge. But if you want that just-slept-in look, real linen sheets are divine. We have a thing about white sheets; there's just something about them that is so conducive to the best night’s sleep you'll ever experience.

Next, throw out those shams and select some big euros. Use an oversized insert to fill the corners out. We like to use three to four euros for a king and three for a queen. Then, double up your sleeping pillows; four to a bed. Add a thin blanket, a light, non-patterned bedcover, such as a pique and a patterned duvet folded in thirds at the foot of the bed. And, don't forget about those corners. Mastering that crisp, tight hotel corner fold is critical to the success of this look.

And, finally, add a few great throw pillows and you have created the perfect Boudoir. They are not just for ladies anymore.