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Laundry Rooms
By The Viera Builders Content Team

It's no longer a space covered in bi-fold doors. Gone is the single washer and dryer and if you are lucky, the old gray free-standing laundry tub. The laundry room doesn't have to be a pass through from your garage anymore. Today's smart builder recognizes how important that space is.

Go to Houzz or Pinterest and search for laundry rooms. You'll see double stacking washers and dryers. Full-size refrigerators, ice machines, wine coolers, pet washing areas, craft tables and gift wrap stations. The list is endless. These rooms have become dual purpose spaces that quickly become indispensable to a busy family.

Different regions of the country utilize this space differently. Up north, your laundry room is typically found coming in from the outside and acts as a "mud room." On the West Coast, builders are giving laundry rooms their full due. These full-size rooms not only house a second set of appliances, but they also act as a "caterers prep kitchen" as well.

So, go ahead, do your laundry. But while you are in there, wash the dog, wrap a gift and sip on a nice glass of wine as you enjoy your repurposed space.