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Design Studio

Exploring Your Style

Choosing your home in Viera is only the beginning. Our talented designers are here to guide you through the many choices that make it distinctly your own. The Viera Builders Design Studio is filled with samples for everything from flooring and counter tops to hardware and fixtures. Get ready for an exciting journey that brings you to the home of your dreams.

Commitment to Design

The Design Studio by Viera Builders is your home to inspiration and possibilities complemented with 5-star service and expertise. Here you will experience an array of diverse design finishes and styles and thoughtfully fashioned kitchen vignettes that span various genres and tastes. We showcase meticulously designed sample galleries that include cabinets, countertops, flooring, and staircase elevations. Samples are presented to make your homebuilding journey both efficient and fun. It is a special destination and home to some of the most respected brands in home design today.

Our Process

The Studio was created with one question in mind: How do we deliver world-class service alongside world-class design? The answer was easy – by focusing on our clients. Our Design Team wants to collaborate with you to personalize your new home. We are creative and well versed in the most current and classic trends of home design. Our goal is to get to know you. We'd love to hear about the lifestyle you envision in your new home. Let us share our passion and knowledge for the details and ideas that will make your life more organized and beautiful.  We are dedicated to making the new home building process easy, fulfilling and fun.

Your Sales Manager will schedule a four-hour appointment with you once you are under contract. Send us pictures, bring swatches. We will start the design process with you in mind.

The Design Process

Step 1

Preview Your Design Choices

Every Monday from 11a.m. to 7 p.m., we host an open house to introduce the design process to our homebuyers. During this design preview, you’ll see the options available to personalize your specific floor plan. The goal is to spark your inspiration as you prepare for a more extensive, one-on-one design selection session. Feel free to attend as many design previews as you want. 

* Due to COVID-19 processes have been modified. Please talk to your sales manager.


  • Set your budget. Having a good idea of what you can spend on interior finishes takes some of the stress out of the process. Separate needs from wants.
  • Think about how you live in your home. The perfect flooring for empty nesters may not suit an active growing family with pets. Your designer can help educate you on the differences between products and help you to select the best material for your space. Be sure to make note of your favorites.
  • It may feel early to think about furniture placement, but that’s how you get that floor outlet in the perfect spot. Furniture helps to place necessary outlets, cable and lighting.
  • Kitchens and master suites SELL homes. Consider including upgrades that are not easily done after closing, such as flooring and countertops, into your mortgage. Weekend warrior projects are best spent on accent painting and hanging art.
Step 2

Gather Inspiration

You probably already have ideas for your new home and dream kitchen. Pull together all your Pinterest boards and Houzz favorites. Collect the pages you’ve ripped out of magazines, and all the photos, fabric swatches, and other bits of new home inspiration. Get ready to share all your preferences with your designer.


  • Design Magazines - Start tearing out your favorite pictures of rooms that inspire you.
  • Share your favorite color chip or fabric sample with us.
  • We love Pinterest! Share your pins with us.
  • Browse and share your Idea books with your design consultant.
  • Walk our models and snap pictures of your favorite tiles, details or paint colors.
Step 3

Meet With Your Designer

Plan to spend about four hours exploring the possibilities in our Design Studio. We’ll guide you through an in-depth shopping trip where you choose every detail. We’ll look at your floor plan and sort through your options. With every choice, your home takes shape and you’ll begin to see your future Viera home.

Together, we’ll explore details such as colors, styles, and materials for everything from your floors and walls to the cabinets and countertops. Browse the fixtures and hardware as, step by step, you see your home take shape.


  • Design Appointment- Relax. Our skilled design team is ready to do all the heavy lifting!
  • Your design consultant has reserved up to four hours just for you. It’s important to arrive on time so you can get right to work.
  • Our designers are trained to take you through the process. They will explain Included Features, and available options, as well as pricing.
  • Don’t forget to bring your notes from your Preview session where you wrote down some of your favorites.
  • Make sure all contracted parties are available to attend this very important meeting.

Meet Our Studio Manager

Alicia Faessen Studio Manager

Why Design? “Although my background is based in risk management and supply chain, I’ve always held the utmost respect and appreciation for well executed interior design; from finishes to fabrics, architecture to merchandising and the gorgeous details in between. When presented with the
opportunity to manage the Design department, my goal was to create processes tailored to our product lines which would result in a fabulous experience for our clients. Of course, this is in addition to showcasing classic finishes and current market trends coupled with a one-on-one appointment with a trained Design consultant.”

Favorite Space in the home:
“The Kitchen Island! Whether you’re entertaining or spending a quiet evening in, the space is the perfect canvas for culinary creativity and presentation of the delicious end result. I love preparing for a party…from baking and cooking to laying out an Instagram worthy spread for my guests.”

Place that most inspires you:
“Every day is a new opportunity to learn, so I do my best to carry that philosophy with me whenever and wherever I travel.”