Viera Builders’ Design Studio – State-of-the-Art Design Guidance

August 21st, 2023 • 3 min read

Viera Builders’ Design Studio – State-of-the-Art Design Guidance

In the world of new homes, Viera Builders’ Design Studio stands out as a beacon of innovation and personalization. Our state-of-the-art design studio is not just a place to choose paint colors and fixtures; it’s a creative haven where homeowners can bring their ideas and visions to life. From the selection of materials to the final design touches, let’s delve into what makes the Viera Builders’ Design Studio truly unique.

  • Our Holistic Approach to Design: At the heart of Viera Builders’ Design Studio’s uniqueness lies its holistic approach to design. The studio transcends traditional homebuilder design centers by offering an immersive experience that enables homeowners to envision their dream homes in detail. With different room setups and opportunities to interact with displays, clients can explore a variety of design possibilities and visualize how their selections will come together cohesively.
  • Endless Customization: The studio’s standout feature is its commitment to catering to individual preferences. The Viera Builders’ Design Studio team understands that every homeowner is unique, and their homes should reflect that. From selecting flooring materials to choosing cabinetry, lighting fixtures, and even architectural details, the studio provides an extensive array of options, ensuring that each home becomes a true reflection of its owner.
  • Expert Guidance: While the abundance of choices may seem overwhelming, we provide expert guidance at every step of the design process. Talented design consultants are on hand to assist homeowners in making informed decisions. These consultants bring a wealth of knowledge about design trends, functionality, and practicality, ensuring that the final design looks stunning and suits the homeowner’s lifestyle.
  • Material Showcase: One of the studio’s unique offerings is the diverse range of materials on display. During our regularly scheduled previews, homeowners can physically touch and feel different textures, view finishes, and see how materials interact with each other. This tactile experience goes beyond online browsing, enabling homeowners to make design choices that resonate with their senses.
  • Staying Current with Trends: Staying updated with design trends can be challenging, but the Viera Builders’ Design Studio simplifies this process. The studio curates a collection of the latest design trends, ensuring that homeowners can infuse contemporary elements into their homes. This ensures that the final product not only meets personal preferences but also stands the test of time in terms of style.
  • A Collaborative Experience: The design journey at the Design Studio is a collaborative experience between homeowners and design consultants. Instead of being passive recipients of design recommendations, homeowners actively engage in the creative process. This collaborative approach results in homes that are truly a reflection of the homeowners’ personalities, needs, and aspirations. 
  • Sustainability and Innovation: The studio doesn’t just focus on aesthetics—it also emphasizes sustainability and innovation. Homeowners can explore eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient appliances, and smart home technologies that contribute to a greener living environment. This forward-thinking approach aligns with the growing demand for sustainable living without compromising on style.

And let’s not forget the skill of Viera Builders’ Director of Design, Nicole Neufeld: “Having an exceptional Director of Design is like having a maestro orchestrating a symphony of creativity,” says Mary Mead, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Viera Builders. “Nicole’s innate ability to blend aesthetics with functionality, her insights that transform ideas into tangible beauty, and her dedication to understanding and translating each client’s unique vision are the hallmarks of her work. Nicole really is the guiding force that turns our home buyers’ dreams into reality.”

Nicole Neufeld, Director of Design

iera Builders’ Design Studio redefines the idea of designing your new home by offering an immersive, customizable, and technologically advanced experience. Our commitment to helping homeowners bring their ideas to life, our expert guidance, and our incorporation of the latest trends and innovations set the Viera Builders’ design experience apart from the rest. With a focus on a collaborative approach, we pave the way for truly unique and personalized homes.